8 ways to help during the COVID-19 pandemic

8 Ways to Help in Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic While on Quarantine

You can still help even while on quarantine during COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a whole lot of reasons to help other people even while at the comforts of our own home.

Even in our own little way, we are doing great in helping frontliners win against the battle with this dreaded infectious disease.

Here are some of the things you can practice to help #flattenthecurve of this pandemic.

Practice social distancing

Since the onset of this health crisis, health experts have always reminded people to practice social distancing. It is advised to stay one meter away from one another to avoid the spread of the virus from a possible carrier. According to Medical News Today, every person who limits their social contact breaks the chain of the contagion. In that way, the spread of the virus can slow down.

Practice good hygiene against COVID-19 pandemic

Aside from social distancing, infectious specialists advise everyone to wash their hands with soap on a regular basis. Proper washing of hands should last up to 20 seconds. It also advisable to disinfect every thing that came from outside of your home such as delivered goods, grocery items, and others to avoid the virus from getting into your home.

Stay at home

As cited earlier, social distancing is advised to avoid the spread of the virus. Thus, staying at the comforts of our home is the best possible way to prevent the contact of virus. Moreover, the current Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has reportedly slowed down the spread of the virus which is a big help to flatten the curve.

Share public awareness

Sharing is caring! While on social media, use it to share information about the coronavirus. Make sure to follow websites which are credible such as the World Health Organization and the Department of Health. Share them to your friends and family members so they can also know how they can prevent the COVID-19 spread.

Stop the spread of fake news

No one wants to have a fake news on their timeline. Be responsible in what you are sharing. Likewise, verify your source and do not fall prey to clickbait articles which only goal is to spread lies and panic among the public.

Donate what you can

We all know that in times like these people need to work hand-in-hand. Even while at the comforts of your home, you can still help the needy and the frontliners in your own little way. Look for source online about charity houses and institutions who are doing the leg work in disseminating donations such as PPEs and relief goods for the needy.

Give thanks

While at it, let us take time to extend our gratitude to our frontliners who sacrifice their lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They are our modern heroes who keep us safe. On the other hand, also give thanks not only to doctors and nurses but to our everyday heroes who make life easier for us. They are our grocery staff, delivery personel, helpers, enforcers, security guards and others.


While we mourn with frontliners, such as doctors and nurses whose lives were sacrificed to protect us, we should give thanks for receiving the blessing of another day. Let us continue to pray that we #flattenthecurve and we can have a cure for this diseases soon

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