4 Ways to Destress from COVID-19 Crisis

4 Ways to Cope from the COVID-19 Stress

Feeling stressed in these challenging times? Here are four ways to cope!

It cannot be denied that the COVID-19 health crisis has caught everyone unprepared. While at the comforts of their home, people tend to experience COVID-19 stress brought by the quarantine.

While there are thousands of frontliners risking their lives to prevent the diseases from spreading even further, majority are at the confines of their home as part of the enhanced community quarantine protocols.

With this, people have to be at their effort in taking care of their physical health and boost their immune system to fight COVID-19.

However, physical health is not just the only priority. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the need for people to also look into their mental state in the challenging times.

Here are ways to destress from the current situation we have right now:

Limit or minimize the information on COVID-19

If you feel like these constant reporting on the rising number of people with COVID-19 makes you panic or worry, minimize the time spending on listening or reading about the news. Only allot a certain time of the day when you have to be updated.

Stay connected with your loved ones

Social media has made everyone within reach virtually in no time. There are a lot of messenger applications you may download to communicate with your family members and friends in these tough time. Exchanging conversations with them make you feel relieve.

Support other people who are also experiencing COVID-19 stress

Know that while you are at home safe, there are thousands of people outside who are the frontlines. If you can donate, there are a good number of institutions who take the initiatives of sending donations to the frontliners. This way, you not only get to help in your own little way but you also boost their morale while working.


The month-long quarantine makes one a tad lazy to workout. Because gyms and other fitness centers are also temporarily closed, you can try doing simple exercises at home to keep your body in shape.

Go back to your hobbies

While at home, take the opportunity to go back to the things who haven’t done for a long time due to lack of time. For instance, you can try again painting, drawing, scrapbooking and many others hobbies you haven’t for a long time. Now’s the time to revisit these old hobbies. These make you calm too.

Pray and meditate

With all the crisis going on in the world, it is the best time to reflect, pray, and meditate. Take this opportunity to slow down and make reflections in life.

All these can help you go through COVID-19 stress. But know that praying is the best tool to fight this health crisis.

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