PAL Anniversary Inflight Meal

PAL Anniversary Inflight Meal

PAL Anniversary Inflight Meal Highlights Delightful Filipino Gastronomy

Counting the days to its 82nd year, Philippine Airlines introduces a special Anniversary Menu reflecting its continuing initiatives to elevate the overall flight experience of passengers.

Available in March for Business Class passengers traveling on PAL’s flights from Manila to North America and Australia, the Anniversary menu features curated meals that deliciously meld local and global culinary inspirations delivered with a distinctly Filipino brand of service.

Passengers can look forward to a gastronomic collection of refreshing flavors and unexpected concoctions like the Tiger Prawn Sinigang, a merry mix of cherry tomato, green chili, eggplant, string beans, and water spinach; Filet Mignon served with asparagus and potato puree topped with Tanduay rum sauce; and Ilocano Cauliflower Adobo in vegan adobo sauce served with string beans and garlic fried rice.

Each culinary concoction in the Anniversary menu was thoughtfully put together by PAL’s professional catering team, an artistic expression that is a byproduct of the flag carrier’s expertise in its 82 years as exemplar of the best of Filipino food and hospitality, as well as the creative stamp of PAL AVP, Chef Vallerie Castillo-Archer.

“As a Filipino-American chef, it is my pleasure to enable passengers from all over the world to get a taste of exquisite Filipino flavors and renowned hospitality,” said Chef Vallerie, whose new role oversees both catering operations and menu development, including food safety, quality control, crew training and team management.

The PAL anniversary inflight meal will reflect her Ilocano roots and a groundbreaking stint as the first female and first Filipino-American executive chef of Yamashiro, an iconic Hollywood restaurant in Los Angeles.

As the Philippines’ sole full-service airline, PAL masterminds a complex operation of catering teams and partnerships that produce over 600,000 inflight meals every month for flights to North America, the Middle East and all over the Asia-Pacific region and the Philippines.

The PAL anniversary inflight meal is the latest development in a continuing drive to whip up new creations to spice up PAL’s in-flight menu offerings all year round.  The Philippine Airlines in-flight menu is expected to take off into a whole new level with the Filipino legacy of caring customer service shining through.

“We’re committed to offering our passengers new discoveries in inflight dining on our international flights in the coming months, as we invite more and more travelers from all over the world to fly on our direct flights to and from the Philippines. Drawing from Chef Vallerie’s innate passion and global experience, our expert catering team will ignite positive developments that will bring new delights to our customers’ overall flight experience.” PAL President and Chief Operating Officer Capt. Stanley K. Ng said.

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