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Everyone’s life has become a little wobbly as all we see nowadays are our  illuminated monitors rather than blackboards with chalk dust everywhere or  whiteboards with no accessible marker to use where we have to ask another class to  borrow one. Oh, old times! 

But, it doesn’t mean we can’t relax while attending virtual classes and  completing a bunch of modules! Here are a few study necessities from our beloved  budol pal ‘Shopee’ to help us get through our academic year at home more smoothly  and on the balance.

Study Table

Most students will benefit greatly from purchasing a robust study table. It  might be difficult to find the appropriate one for your aesthetic, but it certainly  helps to improve your posture! It also provides the impression of a place where  students may work and be productive. It’s also nice to see your study essentials  neatly placed on that plank!

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Ergonomic Chair

This word is probably known to everyone nowadays, so is your back aching a  little from reading this? Kidding! Investing in a decent ergonomic chair will  undoubtedly kill as many birds as you like! It will provide us with comfort while  we sit for long periods in front of our laptops. It will provide you with the custom  fit you choose, including height, recline, depth, arm support, and many other  features! Ergonomic chairs are also known for their high quality, which allows  them to last a long time. Finally, because it is tailored to your body, the health  advantages you receive are tremendous. Goodbye, shoulder and neck strain, as  well as those back pains, our greatest enemy!

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Laptop Stand

To experience the advantages of ergonomics, even more, having to change the  height and angle of your screens and keyboard to eye level will enable us  students to keep their hunch-over straight and correct, reducing muscular  strain and body soreness.

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Mechanical Keyboard

Who doesn’t like the clickity-clackity sound of keyboards? These keyboards are  popular among gamers, but as the year progressed, the emergence of people  who own one is truly evident. Yes, your laptops and PCs have keyboards, this  type of keyboard gives a more pleasant typing experience, and most users  claim that the sound of them typing motivates them to work more efficiently  and productively on their schoolwork.

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Bluetooth/Wireless Mouse

Convenience. As there will be no tangled cables or wires taking up room on  your desk, a wireless or Bluetooth mouse for your setup will make working with  your activities much easier. It is also a lot simpler to move about and hover your  cursor with relative ease and flexibility.

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Having a single notebook on your desk during class hours can help you take  note of important information and directions from your teachers about your  tasks and requirements. It can also help you in filtering and organizing your  deadlines, allowing you to be more organized! Additionally, pairing it with your  favorite pen gives that aesthetic note-taking experience more pleasing!

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Reusable Tumbler

This may seem like an odd addition to this list of study essentials, but because  we sit in front of our laptops for extended durations, we do not even prioritize  eating on time or just drink water throughout the day, which is unhealthy.  When it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind while studying, water  is just as important. Having reusable tumblers on our desk encourages us to  integrate them more into our daily routine because they are easily accessible  and within reach.

Variations of these products are to be seen on Shopee in just one search and  maybe a long time of scrolling through and reading reviews. Here are some links to  these products that you may want to add to your cart or check out! 

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Shopee does not disappoint whether it comes to educational or recreational  shopping; they have it all! As our alarms ring and our virtual classes commence, our  budol companion will be there to greet you! 

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play, or go to to visit their website.

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