Travel Meets Social: Take Travel Booking To The Next Level With Travereel

Revenge travel is indeed in full swing and what better way to get to your destination of choice than by having a travel app that doesn’t just let you book, but also transform the way how you explore and experience the world. 

Enter Travereel.

Officially launched last October 27, Selcouth’s Travereel is the newest travel app to hit town and comes with a mission to change the way how we plan and enjoy travel experiences.

Seamless, one-stop solution


“Travereel was born out of a passion for exploring the world and the belief that travel should be accessible, personalized, and unforgettable for everyone,” said Debbie Nebaya, Travereel CEO.

“Our team has poured their hearts into creating this app, and we are thrilled to bring this vision to life and empower travelers to embark on journeys that leave a lasting imprint on their hearts.”

According to Nebaya, their research found out that what travelers want in an app are: engaging and relevant content, clickable links that will direct to products or services, the ability to earn commissions, a variety of payment methods, promos, and integrated security and privacy measures, leading to their idea of marrying both social media and a booking site to create Travereel.

Adding to that, Travereel COO Vicky Rada also emphasized that social media has the greatest influence on travel destination choices and 48% of them travel to destinations to show them off on social media.

Nebaya and Rada were joined by Deepak Kumar – PayMongo Head of Growth/Sales; Kurt Molina – BillEase Head of Merchant Products;  Terrence Ridder – Lizard Global CEO-Asia;  Guido Van Beek – Lizard Global Co-founder and CTO; Ricky Sy – Travereel Chairman and investor, with daughter Maddigan Sy as Chief Influencer for Travereel;  Mark Dela Cruz – Travereel Digital Marketing Manager; Desserie Dionio -BillEase Corporate Communications Officer, together with influencers Paige Ranola and Jewel Mesina – all who shared their thoughts and contributions in creating a travel app that provides incentives and enables travel experiences to enrich available information that helps in making that crucial decision of where to travel to.

The Travereel Difference


More than a travel app, Travereel serves as your personalized travel concierge, providing you with a range of features to enhance your journey. Here’s what makes the app stand out from the rest:

Easy sign-up process: Travereel’s creators wanted the entire user journey experience to be a pleasant one from the very start by making the signing up process as simple as linking your social media or Google account. And from there, you now get to fully taste a whole new travel booking experience via a user-friendly and accessible platform.

Discover hidden gems: Unlike other travel apps, Travereel’s main draw is in its user-generated content and maximizes short videos or reels compared to the static images commonly used. This not only allows you to get drawn in, but also find off-the-beaten-path wonders that lets you have a taste of authentic travel.

A growing community: Travereel also serves as a travel social network that enables you to connect with fellow travelers, share your experiences, and get much helpful tips from the Travereel community and even make friendships and create lasting memories through your own travel experiences.

More options and a seamless booking: Travereel has over 3 million partner accommodations (and growing) for you to choose from, be it 5-star hotels, lavish international chains, cozy countryside B&B, a cabin up in the mountains to opulent beach resorts – you will surely find something to your liking. What’s more, booking has never been so easy – simply click the ‘Book’ button on the reel.

Left to Right: MR. GUIDO VAN BEEK - Lizard Global Co-founder and CTO, MR. DEEPAK KUMAR - Paymongo Head of Growth/Sales, MR. TERENCE RIDDER - Lizard Global CEO of Asia, MR. RICKY SY - TRAVEREEL CHAIRMAN/INVESTOR, MS. MADDIGAN SY - Chief Influencer MS. DEBBI NEBAYA - Travereel CEO, MS. DESSERIE DIONIO - BillEase Corporate Communications Officer, MS. VICKY RADA - TRAVEREEL COO

Payment convenience: This seamless booking experience is paired up with flexible payment terms, thanks to payment partner PayMongo, you can choose to use debit or credit cards, GCash, Maya, and BillEase and can even opt for the Buy Now, Pay Later payment terms, making travel even more accessible for everyone.

Create, share, and earn: Travereel also lets you earn a commission – by creating your own content and posting your own travel experiences, you can receive an affiliate commission for bookings from your shared travel reels and vlogs.

Safety features: Get to stay informed on travel advisories and emergency contact information, receive safety tips to ensure your well-being and enjoyment while exploring new destinations. 

Travereel is now available to download for iOS and Android devices, enabling you to experience the world at your fingertips, no matter what device.

To learn more about Travereel, you can visit their website at or check out their social media platforms on Facebook (, Instagram (,  TikTok (@travereel), and YouTube (@Travereel).

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