Millennial Girl Boss: Dore Villanueva Dimaunahan

Know more about this millennial entrepreneur’s success in passion and business.

One of the rising women entrepreneurs in the country is Dore Villanueva Dimaunahan, a multi-talented millennial who believes that success can be attained with the right attitude, hunger for adventure, and the willingness to learn.

A business graduate whose passion evolved from cars, advocacies, and business, Dimaunahan merged her interests and formed a distinct brand of her own.

Dubbed as a millennial girl boss, Dimaunahan juggles her time in different hats. She is a host and mentor of Go Negosyo’s KMME-MME Online, founder and editor-in-chief of the 2020 advocacy COVID Diaries: A Millennial Collaboration, and the project head of last year’s 18-Day Campaign Violence Against Women, an initiative with the ASEAN Youth Organization. All these were done during the pandemic, which proves how she can still be on top of her game even when in a time of crisis.

Dore Villanueva Dimaunahan

Aside from these, Dimaunahan is also a professor of the country’s top universities, such as De La Salle University, Ateneo De Manila University, University of Asia and the Pacific, and most recently, the University of the Philippines.

An open-minded leader that she is, Dimaunahan is best described as transformational and focused, balancing her growth in both personal and professional aspects of life.

“I could say that I’m very adventurous,” the host and mentor says. “I love to learn and try out things because makes me well-versed. I get to meet more people who I can learn from too!”

Proving that she knows how to expand her knowledge and skills, Dimaunahan also explores other interests outside her work as a business coach. She is a co-host of Mr. Kalakal, a platform on motorcycle content, where she features and learns about riding, road safety, and many others.  

When asked by Let’s Ride Philippines, Dore says, “Driving is my relaxation. I love cars, I want to ride a motorcycle and I have plans of restoring more cars.”

Dimaunahan co-hosts segments for Mr. Kalakal

Building her brand

On top of all her endeavors, Dimaunahan is honing her craft in the business coaching industry. She uses her educational degree to reach out to more people not only for their businesses but also for their overall personal and professional growth.

She says, “I am in the process of building a brand where I will inspire many through masterclasses, creative videos, flipbooks, and many more exciting digital products for the general public and professionals too.”

Dimaunahan gives consultations and 1:1 coaching, which led to building relationships with former students and many other people who trust the work that she does. She says that her work is a two-way thing—people learn from her and she learns from them in return.

Dimaunahan builds a brand of her own as a business coach

She fondly shares, “Inasmuch as I enjoy being around the youth, I also love talking to those who are older than me. I actually call them “Aunt” or “Tito” whenever I give business advice because I want them to feel very comfortable; as if I am a daughter to them whom they can turn to anytime.”

More projects are in store for this girl boss, including shows with V81 Radio Worldwide, webinars with TSA Global Crowdfest, and a stint with Carl Balita Review Center, as one of the rosters of resource speakers for the CPALE, as a Certified Management Accountant.”

On work, life, and faith

Despite juggling different things at once, Dimaunahan knows the key to stay on top of her game—work-life balance.

“If you want to accomplish something, you will make time for it, most especially during work-from-home,” she says.

She efficiently divides her days into hours and makes sure that she has the time for her projects, classes, hosting and writing stints, and even studying.

“I am not perfect as well,” she adds. “I have been through a lot of ups and downs this 2020. Still, I keep going because I know that I have employees, partners, students, and others whom I am fortunately able to guide and inspire. I know that I am being used as God’s instrument to inspire and share my knowledge, experiences, and even network of wonderful people, who also have the same values and purpose to serve.”

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