The new year is always a great opportunity for a clean slate. So while it’s still January, many are still taking the opportunity to upgrade the comfort of their home.

It’s time to leave run-down appliances behind and make space for newer, better gadgets fit for every type of home. Whether it be a traditional house in the province, a two-bedroom apartment for a small family, or a studio unit in the city, TechLife has the perfect lineup of devices to make life easier this 2024.

TechLife 4L Digital Rice Cooker

Aiming to host dinner parties and intimate social gatherings this year? The TechLife 4L Digital Rice Cooker is a saving grace to easily tick off one less item from the handaan list.

The spacious four-liter capacity can cook generous portions of rice all at once, eliminating time and effort in the kitchen. It has a Digital Control Panel that offers precise and user-friendly settings. Aside from that, it also has six major functions: Warm, Preset, Quick Cooking, Normal Cooking, Congee, and Soup. 

Priced at P1,699, the TechLife 4L Digital Rice Cooker is perfect for hosting big family dinners and big groups who, for sure, will ask for extra rice!

TechLife 10-Blade Remote Control Electric Fan

The summer season is fast approaching so it’s time to prepare for the hot weather as early as now. However, a standard fan is just not enough to beat the prickling summer heat. This is where the TechLife 10-Blade Remote Control Electric Fan comes in. 

It has ten blades in a 14” Fan Diameter for better wind strength that helps generate a higher volume of airflow compared to traditional electric fans. But worry not about the noise, because this fan is as quiet as a whisper thanks to its 50dB operation. 

For added convenience, this fan also has a 10-Hour Time Function and a dedicated remote control to adjust fan speed, oscillation, and timer among others. 

Get this TechLife 10-Blade Remote Control Electric Fan for only P1,499 and achieve the perfect rest and relaxation at any time of the day.

TechLife Travel Trimmer

For users who want to look their best at all times even on the go, but don’t want to worry about the small inconveniences of a non-travel-friendly gadget, the TechLife Travel Trimmer makes for the best companion for short and long trips. 

This unisex device is certified IPX7 Water Resistant and uses a 304 Stainless Steel Blade designed for prolonged usage without worrying about rust and corrosion, making it easy for users to use the device in any situation.

It’s also rechargeable with a built-in 600mAh battery and a Type C Charging port that uses 2W power. The device is fully charged in just 35 minutes.

For only P399, the TechLife Travel Trimmer is designed to be part of every user’s personal care essentials as a portable and water-resistant gadget packed in a compact body ready to bring anytime, anywhere.

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