With so many beauty products and well-being supplements that are now appearing online and on store shelves, it becomes even more important to find the best ones that are scientifically proven to be safe, effective, and suited for your specific needs. As the only Filipino personal care company that is backed by health and science, UL Skin Sciences Inc. (ULSSI) offers a range of products that empower lives through beauty and wellbeing solutions that people trust and love.

To present the safety and effectivity of its products, ULSSI organized an event on Nov. 20 dubbed as Power House Lab which showcased mini-science labs that held live demonstrations of their brand promise. The Power House Lab is a home with a powerful foundation. This event’s goal is to bring light to the science behind each ULSSI product and how it works – with careful testing and research to ensure accessible and quality beauty products for all Filipinos.

Through the demonstrations, event attendees were able to gain valuable insights on how each of their favorite ULSSI products work through an engaging program, fun games and an exclusive look into the actual science behind each ULSSI brand by way of scientific demonstrations and insightful dialogue. One of the stations showed how the Myra Classic Moisturizing Vitamin Lotion has a light and non-greasy feel while keeping the skin moisturized for 48 hrs.

An MPA machine with a corneometer showed that Myra Classic Moisturizing Vitamin Lotion registered up to a 30% moisture increase after 30 minutes during the demo.

While another station demonstrated the Celeteque DermoScience Ultra Hydrating Essence’s superiority as a facial moisturizer, formulated with potent Hyaluronic Acid that acts as a powerful moisture magnet. The demo showed that the water-growing balls hydrate when soaked in the product,  which translated to less transepidermal water loss, making the skin more moisturized.

“These demonstrations serve to reiterate the quality of our products, how they are backed by science, and how we deliver on our promise. By showcasing how each product is beneficial for our skin and entire well-being, we are able to highlight that ULSSI is a credible beauty brand and that our brands are the simple solutions to all your beauty and personal care needs,” says Marie Della Rhodora P. Carillo, Division Vice President and Head of ULSSI R&D.

She adds that all components of ULSSI products are listed down in the product packaging as part of their commitment to transparency for their consumers.

“At a time when there are so many products out there, consumers are empowered to look into what really goes into our products and how stringent our research and development process is.”

“Health and science are core to us, as we are part of the UNILAB Group that has been trusted by generations of Filipinos for their health care needs. What’s more, since we are a Filipino company, we really invest in true consumer centricity, with our research that is focused on local consumer insights, with majority of our products that are designed for our skin and the environmental factors that we face on a daily basis,” says Ma. Christine C. Navarette-Catanghal, ULSSI- Category Head.

Everyday beauty and confidence

“We are proud to be a local company with roots deeply embedded in the Philippines. This offers us an intimate understanding of our people’s unique needs, and we constantly innovate to meet those needs with products you can trust. Every day is a grind for us – doing extensive research and testing to better improve our formulas, and come up with new products for every type of Filipina skin,” shares Kathryn Carag, Division Vice President and Head of ULSSI Marketing.

Included under the ULSSI range of personal care products are legacy brands in their respective categories, including Myra-E, which is the country’s Number 1 vitamin E capsule brand. Myra-E offers the same beauty benefits in its hand and body lotion, facial moisturizers, facial wash, and soap, providing the power to give you that standout healthy glow.

The company also leads in the Intimate Care category with pH Care and GynePro. pH Care  celebrates its 20th birthday this year as the top feminine wash in the Philippines, constantly understanding Filipinas’ feminine needs and freeing them from worries of bacteria and odor ‘down there’. GynePro is the Number 1 ‘red day’ wash that provides 50x superior protection against odor, itch, and irritation, versus other feminine wash brands.

Celeteque, which was first introduced in 2006, has forged its identity as a premier derma-tested and science-based beauty brand in Face Care, addressing a spectrum of skin concerns through its innovative smart beauty solutions with its proven hydrating benefit.

ULSSI likewise highlighted innovative products that answer specific lifestyle concerns of Filipinos.  Lactezin helps to eliminate pimples and blemishes for that boost of confidence to face the world on your own terms.  Equiva is a mindfully-formulated sensitive skincare line of dermatologically-tested non-irritating formulas with a pH level of 5.5, making it a stress-free choice for sensitive skin. Fortima offers lakas-ganda resistensiya supplementation for busy Filipinas with its combination of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Zinc.

ULSSI’s latest product DirtBugSun is the only deet-free mosquito repellent with added SPF in the Philippines. Its active ingredient (IR3535) is clinically proven to provide up to 4.5 hours of protection against dengue-causing mosquitoes.

The science of beauty and well-being

ULSSI conducts clinical and safety studies to ensure that its products deliver its promised claims and benefits. It adopts both pharmacovigilance and cosmetovigilance systems to monitor and document any possible adverse reaction of its products.

“All of these efforts are conducted as part of ULSSI’s commitment to provide high quality, safe and effective health and beauty products to its customers. We want to empower them through beauty and well-being with excellent products that are accessible to them,” says Catanghal.


For more information about ULSSI products and their benefits to empower a more beautiful and confident you, visit ulssi.com.ph.

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