The much-anticipated Philippine Coffee Expo 2024 made a triumphant return from June 7 to 9 at the SPACE at One Ayala, Makati City, where it brought together coffee enthusiasts and industry stakeholders to explore the latest products, emerging trends, and insights from international coffee experts.

Philippine Coffee Expo 2024

Championing Philippine Coffee

Organized by the Philippine Coffee Guild (PCG) under the interim leadership of Executive Director Ms. Bettina Grace Belardo-Nuestro, the event drew over 1,000 participants for the Kape’t Kwentuhan Series, featured more than 70 booths, and attracted approximately 8,000 stakeholders.

Philippine Coffee Expo 2024

The expo was dedicated to envisioning a brighter future for the Philippine coffee industry through innovation, collaboration, and the celebration of the country’s rich coffee heritage.

Philippine Coffee Expo 2024

“The Philippine Coffee Expo serves as a vital platform for the entire coffee industry to converge, addressing challenges and seizing opportunities,” said Belardo-Nuestro.

“This year’s theme underscores the importance of infusing new life into our coffee culture, from farming to brewing. By embracing innovation and fostering collaboration, we aim to reshape the narrative of Philippine coffee, making it not just an event but a transformative journey for all involved.”

Attendees participated in a variety of activities designed to foster a vibrant community of local and global coffee professionals. Key events included:

  • Kape’t Kwentuhan (Coffee Talks)

  • Coffee Exhibition

  • Business Matching and Product Demos

  • Roasters-Producers Forum

  • Cupping Rooms

The event also featured the Duo Latte Art Challenge, Signature Coffee Beverage Challenge, Fine Robusta Brewing Competition, and the culmination of the Philippine Coffee Quality Competition Awards on the final day.

The success of the Philippine Coffee Expo 2024 was bolstered by the support of numerous sponsors, including Eighty Plus PH, PRDP-NPCO, Curve Coffee Collaborators, Savoroso Inc., and Global Pacific Distribution Network Corp, among others.

These partnerships aimed to empower Filipino coffee farmers and producers by opening doors to new markets and fostering sustainable growth. The expo provided a dynamic platform for baristas and coffee enthusiasts to hone their skills through competitions and immersive workshops.