A key driver for individuals to achieve their sustainable health goals is through the power of community.

According to by Dr. Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Training at Herbalife, championing a holistic approach to well-being is all about balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and community support.

Touching on the significance of protein-rich, low-calorie diets as pivotal tools for ensuring overall health, Dr. Gratton said, “The main thing we have seen in the latest literature is that restricting calories leads to losing weight along with a tremendous amount of muscle. However, increasing your protein intake will prevent muscle loss. Maintaining that muscle allows you to be healthier as you age.”

Dr. Gratton also highlighted the results of Herbalife’s Asia Pacific Power of Community Survey 2023, which underscored the central role of community support in helping individuals achieve sustainable health goals.

Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals with Community Support

The survey revealed that 83% of APAC consumers are actively pursuing health and wellness goals, with 51% of these consumers finding support groups very important in their health journey, providing motivation and access to a network of broader health perspectives and resources.

Allan Domingo, General Manager of Herbalife Philippines, stated, “We have long believed in the power of community to help people achieve their wellness goals. Together with our distributors who not only bring our nutrition products into communities, but also provide dedicated support,

motivation, encouragement and accountability to their customers, we strive to help more people live a healthy, active lifestyle, supported by good nutrition.”

Herbalife is committed to providing consumers with the education, nutrition and community they need to achieve their holistic wellness goals.

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