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Five Things My Pet Taught Me About Life

Having a pet at home can make your life easier. They’re always there for you, to calm your mind after a busy day, to welcome you warmly every time you come home, and to accompany you in every problem you go through.

As for me, also a pet owner, as time passes by, I realized that he is one of the reasons why I became strong and positive in life, I did not expect that my fluffy and caring dog would teach me life lessons.

Here are the 5 things my pet taught me about life.

Accept Who You Are

We don’t see our pets compare themselves to others, they don’t care if their neighbor’s breed is better, they don’t pay attention to the diversity of their size, color, and appearance. That’s one of the problems we currently have, we continue to be jealous of others, we’re trying to imitate what we see on TV, or in billboards and magazines, we’re trying to change our personality. Always remember, attitude is better than looks, don’t compare yourself to others, because God created us differently and it has a reason.

Learn to Relax

Every afternoon, I always see my pet dog asleep or maybe just focused on the electric fan and ventilating, it’s nice to watch him enjoy his rest after his relentless playing and running. Like our pets, with our never-ending tasks and responsibilities in life, we also get tired. Try to lie down, let go of your problems, and think of yourself first, you will feel the enjoyment that you’re looking for. And one more thing, relaxation can help our emotional health and it restores the energy we used up in a tiring day.

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Forgive and Move Forward

Have you ever seen a dog run away because it wasn’t fed? or a cat that complained to authority because its tail was trampled on? Maybe not even once. Because pets can easily forgive you for things that you don’t willfully do. Everyone makes mistakes, even you, you do things you don’t mean to, so let’s learn to forgive and move on. Holding a grudge increases stress levels, and it affects our emotional and mental health.

Love Unconditionally

It is natural for our pets to love everything, especially us, even if you yell at them because of the misfortunes you have experienced, or if you do not feed them at the right time, they are still there for you. Loving someone isn’t that difficult, just think of Almighty God, even if we blame him for all our problems, he still loves us and gives us every tomorrow that we can use.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

We know our pet’s lifespan is not that long, but we see them so happy when they wake up each day, like me, I enjoy the days I’m with my dog, I don’t know when he will disappear from my side, but I don’t think about that anymore, we just continue to travel until I bring him to the beginning of eternity. This is the lesson I will never forget from him, let’s make the most of our lives, let’s not dwell on something we won’t be happy with, follow your heart, make your plans, fulfill your dreams, travel the world, express your feelings, forget all the problems, and every day you wake up, just keep going.

Always remember, pets are not just “pets”, it is your companion, best friend, and especially, your family… forever. And for those who want to start taking care of animals, I tell you, your days will be worth it with them.

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