Don Islao Farmhouse: Wake up to farm life bliss at this dragon fruit haven in Burgos, Pangasinan

Burgos, a quaint town in western Pangasinan, has been attracting tourists in the past years for its pristine Cabongaoan Beach, a destination that is roughly an hour away from its town center.

But someone who’s looking for a nature escape can find interest in a completely different setting—one surrounded not by the sea but by an expansive land where fruits and vegetables thrive, animals roam, and serenity hugs the surroundings.

That nature paradise is Don Islao Farmhouse, a five-hectare property less than six kilometers from the town proper.

Don Islao Farmhouse sits at the heart of the former 110-hectare estate of Don Wenceslao “Islao” Borricano Bustamante, Sr., in Cabicalan, Barangay Papallasen, Burgos. Don Islao is a prominent name in Burgos’ history, having served as OIC Mayor, Vice Mayor, Secretary, and Chief of Police. He also courageously fought as a guerrilla against Japanese forces during World War II.

He was also at the forefront of a hard-fought legal battle over the pasture land estate, which was originally owned by his father, Don Francisco Bustamante, a former Municipal President.

Approximately 19 hectares now remain after Don Islao sold portions of the land to fund his children’s education. What is left is now being preserved by his grandchildren, ensuring the legacy of their ancestors’ property is maintained.

don islao farmhouse burgos pangasinan

Today, a glimpse of this estate is opened to the public through Don Islao Farmhouse, named in honor of Don Islao. It is managed by Mr. Alain Bustamante Pascua, one of Don Islao’s grandchildren, who took on the role of transforming the untouched rural land into a flourishing nature space.

It is now home to a five-hectare dragon fruit orchard, two farmhouses, a vast lake, and amenities that invite guests to enjoy a scenic countryside experience that spell relaxation and adventure.

Farm life hideaway

Once you arrive, you’ll find it well worth the effort. You’ll be greeted with a perfect retreat to reconnect with nature and enjoy some peaceful downtime with your family and friends.

don islao farm

As you enter the property, you’ll see two giant Bahay Kubo-inspired houses as the centerpiece. These two farmhouses, Balay Grande and Balay Pequena, can accommodate up to 46 guests. Balay Grande has 6 spacious rooms that can accommodate 16-24 guests, while Balay Pequena offers three cozy rooms for 19-22 guests.

don islao farm burgos

The solar-powered accommodations provide comfort with air conditioning and ceiling fans. Bed linen and towels are included with your stay.

Currently, the farm does not house a restaurant. However, you can bring your own food and use their kitchen or let the friendly staff prepare a sumptuous meal for your group.

don islao farmhouse burgos pangasinan

The two houses are adorned with stunning artworks and paintings showcasing photographs of various birds and wildlife taken by Mr. Alain Pascua, also an award-winning bird photographer and the President of Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines, Inc. These captivating images reflect Don Islao Farmhouse’s deep-rooted love for nature.

don islao farm burgos

Going around the farmhouse, you can never run out of things to do for a weekend stay, and it promises an escape from the digital world.

Gather with your loved ones in the cozy common area furnished with comfortable couches and bean bags. Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon away from your gadgets, playing at the professional pool table, challenging friends to a game of foosball, or trying out the traditional game of sungka.

Dragon fruit orchard and other activities

From where you are staying, you’ll easily get a glimpse of the vast dragon fruit plantation. Currently, they have 7,500 dragon fruit posts. During its peak season, specifically in June, over 30,000 fruits are harvested and sold to local market and their clients.

don islao farm dragon fruit farm
Farmers harvest dragon fruit in June. Photo from Don Islao Farmhouse Facebook Page

After learning about dragon fruit and even picking them on your own, it’s time to explore more of the farmland’s activities.

don islao farmhouse

Take a dip in its pool or hang out in its comfy lounge chair. There, you can revel in the beauty of its lake, which is filled with tilapia and pangasius. Ducks and geese freely roam around their habitat.

For the thrill-seekers, experience ATV riding and navigate the rough and hilly terrain within the property. Soon, a mountain bike trail and a firing range will be added.

Meanwhile, children can enjoy interacting with the farm’s friendly animals, including ostriches, ducks, deer, and friendly dogs too.

dragon fruit don islao farm

From an unplugged experience to the thrill that awaits you on this farm, a visit to this side of Burgos is definitely a fun idea with your family, friends, and even for corporate groups.

dragon fruit don islao farm

If a nature escape is something you’d like to have on a weekend or even just for a night, take a ride through the rugged path leading to Don Islao Farmhouse, and you’ll know it’s all worth the visit.

For more information about Don Islao Farmhouse, visit their Facebook page.

This feature is part of Teal Magazine’s PH Loop: A 5,000 KM Adventure Ride across the Philippines.