Casiguran, Sorsogon has a good number of tourist spots to visit. The Casiguran Settlement may not be a usual tourism destination but it is worthy to check-out for a quick stop. It has a good story to tell which is vital in the further development of the town and its residents.

Built in 2017, the Casiguran Settlement covers 14 hectares of reclaimed area. It houses 500 units for informal settlers whose income mainly relies on fishing and farming. The LGU awarded one unit per family, giving them a more decent and spacious home within a well-regulated community. The families need only 10 pesos per day of payment for five years for their units to be fully-awarded to them.

According to Angel Ayala, Information and Tourism Officer of Casiguran, the LGU is set to expand the settlement to 150 more units in the coming years.

What makes the Casiguran settlement a nice place for a quick visit is for its vast open spaces with majestic views of the mountains. The pastel-colored units are also a pleasant view.

A great view of the Sorsogon range

The Plaza Escudero serves as the center of the community, a vast open space for recreational activities such as biking, jogging, and other exercise activities. Residents also enjoy a stunning view of the Sorsogon range 24/7.

Standing tall at its center is the Our Lady Holy Rosary Shrine which serves as the community’s main attraction, leading to the Our Lady Holy Rosary Parish, a few streets away from the shrine.

This post is part of the Bicol Express Fundemic Caravan organized by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) and the Tourism Promotions Board from November 10 to December 06, 2021.

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