5 LEUPP Watches for Men and Women’s Various Personalities

Choose from these unisex timepieces according to your personality.

There’s one unspoken rule when it comes to dressing up: no outfit is complete without a watch. This is because aside from being stylish and functional additions to one’s wardrobe, watches are also extensions of one’s personality, sartorial sense, and overall lifestyle. According to fashion experts, this makes choosing watches and other everyday timepieces an important task.

With that said, here are a few suggestions that will help you decide which timepiece is right for your personality:

The Minimalist Individual 

Clean designs, sleek lines, simple silhouettes, and muted color palettes are par for the course for a minimalist’s wardrobe.  These qualities, as it turns out, are all embodied by LEUPP Watches’ Mori and Imako II timepieces.

Fuss-free and uncomplicated, the Mori — available in the three timeless colorways Walnut, All Black, and Cognac — boasts several features that are perfect for every minimalist, such as an asymmetrical winder, a steel case, a flawless dial, and a classic, unisex aesthetic.


The Imako II, meanwhile, is a slim and compact quartz-powered analog watch designed with precision and function in mind, making it the perfect timepiece for those who have fully embraced the minimalist lifestyle.


The Adventurous Individual 

Those who live and breathe the outdoors are often drawn to watches and timepieces that put emphasis on practicality and functionality. EUPP’s Sato timepiece does exactly that — and then some.


A sleek-looking chronograph, the Sato boasts a classic black face with two subdials — one designed to keep track of the seconds, and the other to keep track of the weekdays. Made for the outdoors, the Sato is also splash and rain resistant, making it suitable for everyday use. The Sato isn’t a slouch in the looks department either, with the watch easily transitioning from day to night, all thanks to its interchangeable leather and canvas watch straps.

The Artistic Individual 

Artists aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes to their personal styles, with most of them known for being quite prone to making unconventional and yet beautiful sartorial choices. This makes LEUPP’s Ito and Ueno watches the perfect timepieces for the creative individual. A unisex timepiece that’s perfect for everyday use, the Ito’s most striking feature is its square silhouette, which hearkens to the artistic sensibilities and vibes of the free-spirited and artistic 1970s. Groovy, right?


The Ueno, on the other hand, plays with the concept of contrasts, with the watch combining a bold, matte steel case with a minimalist watch face. The watch also comes with a neutral palette of strap options giving the watch quite an understated edge.


The Casual and Playful Individual 

Despite being known for their easy-going and unbridled approach towards life, even the most playful of people value practicality and efficiency. And why won’t they? The latter two qualities ensure that they spend more time having fun, after all.  The same can be said for LEUPP’s Imai timepiece. 


A utilitarian and water-resistant watch, the Imai boasts a steel case, as well as a lightweight and durable canvas strap that blends seamlessly with any outfit, making it perfect for everyday use. 

The Classic Individual 

Those who adore classic anesthetics value timelessness over everything else. And they’re not wrong for it. After all, timeless and classic items — from music to clothes to films — never go out of style. The same rings true for watches such as LEUPP’S Ikeda timepiece. 


A classic, quintessential dress watch, the Ikeda features a well-crafted steel case, minimalist markers, and a supple and luxurious leather strap, making it the very definition of style meeting substance. 


Get your own LEUPP timepieces for men and women at www.leuppwatches.com.

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